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For the Global Yum! company social responsibility is a must. Our company as one of the leaders of food business aims to Feed the World . While offering the best products through its brands to the people who can effort, delivers people who cant effort them with food products to survive. Today 1 billion of the 8 billion people of the world struggle with hunger. But Yum! believes that "hunger" is a problem that can be resolved. And in this context, we are proud to be the main sponsor of the United Nations World Food Program since 2007. Every year we are conducting fund raising campaigns with our 1.5 million restaurant and 41,000 employees and providing 81 million people in 75 countries continuously with food. Last year we provided lunch each day for 18.6 million children in addition to food support for the 7.8 million. Yum! Global has proven to be a company with a huge heart by raising funds of $ 250 million since 2007, thanks to the efforts of its employees.

As KFC Turkey we started in the last quarter of 2015 our corporate social responsibility project "Be a hope" with the intention of long-term cooperation with Koruncuk Foundation. We hit the road wishing our project to be sustainable, self-financing, in addition to fund raising to encourage us employees, customers to be volunteers. So we all together could leave a trace worth mentioning in Koruncuk's life ... Following a three-years strategy step by step since the first day, we realized 7 projects we come together with Koruncuk's at picnics and enjoyed the day, run in İstanbul Marathon and raised awareness and collected donations, sent new years gifts to new individuals of our family; run a very good campaign by a paired donation method. As if not enough, we even earned a prize... On the 23rd of April, we gave a children's Park the youngest Koruncuk's as a present... At Ramadan we matched their needs of food ... This year, thanks to the efforts of our employees we achieved the second rank among the companies running for Koruncuk Foundation at the Step by Step İstanbul Marathon. In a short time we combined our hearts and we saw that we were family with a huge heart. We continue our projects with the intention of making a difference in the lives of youngest individuals of our family. We are the HOPE of Koruncuk; We give HOPE ...

Would You Like To Be A Hope Too?
  • 1Koruncuk Foundation IBAN:
    TR96 0006 2000 7230 0006 2996
    You can make a donation to the account,
  • 2You can make a donation from a cell phone with the application BKM Express.Download BKM Express add credit card, donate 3 TL using the option to pay with QR code.